▪ Please check if your TV model is compatible with demi kit.

▪ Compatible models include all 2024 OLED models, QNED99, QNED90, QNED85, and all 2023 OLED models.

▪ Ensure that no external input devices are connected to the TV except for the demo kit.

▪ Remove any external input devices connected to the TV.

▪ Check if any separate USB storage device or external input device is connected to the TV.

▪ Remove any external input devices other than the demo kit connected to the sound switcher.


▪ Verify that the TV and soundbar are connected via HDMI ARC.

▪ Ensure you are using a certified HDMI cable.

▪ Update the soundbar firmware using the provided USB.

▪ Press the Home button on the remote control and select the 2024 Sound Switcher icon from the app list.

▪ The demo app will restart.

▪ For a stable demo environment, avoid using the remote control unnecessarily.