Technical Support

Sound Switcher

Major Changes

as-was switch between TV & Soundbar →

to-be switch between TV & WOW Orchestra

2024 Sound Switcher Support Models

▪ TV : (2024) all OLED, QNED99, QNED 90, QNED85 (2023) all OLED

▪ Soundbar : (2024) all Soundbars, supporting WOW Orchestra

User Guide

2024 Sound Switcher User Guide

For detailed information, please click the download button below.

Update Guide

Please update the 2023 sound switcher to the 24 version.

The update includes the following items:

1. Content update (24-year store video and demo video)

2. Demo kit firmware update (button function added)

3. Attachment of demo kit sticker

4. Soundbar update

For detailed instructions, please click the download button below.

Update Tools

Please use items 1 and 2 below only for 2023 sound switchers:

1. Sound Switcher Update

2. Soundbar update